How To Maintain A Clean & Fluffy Shag Rug

There is no denying that shag carpets add luxury and elegance to any room. However, there is one thing most people forget to mention – These soft and fluffy shag rugs can be a pain to keep clean without proper maintenance! 

The high pile in these rugs makes it significantly harder to clean than it is to clean regular area rugs. Dirt and dust tend to go deep in the crevices between the fibers, making it nearly impossible to reach them with a simple dusting cloth or a brush. You need to know how to keep them looking fluffy and how to maintain them to keep them clean for a longer time. Let us guide you on this.

STEP 1- Shake The Rug Out

A good way to clean a shag rug is to simply shake it out. 

Take the rug outside and shake it around to remove the vast majority of dirt and debris. Hang the shag rug from a laundry line to neutralize odors.

STEP 2- Vacuum The Rug

Sometimes the old-fashioned method of shaking out a rug doesn’t remove all of the debris. Or maybe your shag rug is too large to shake out by yourself.

If you decide to vacuum your shag rug, it’s essential that you use one of the brush attachments rather than the actual vacuum itself since many vacuums have motorized rollers on the underside and a shag rug can easily become entangled in this roller. The brush attachment, on the other hand, doesn’t contain these rollers. Instead, it just picks up debris through suction.

STEP 3- Hire A Professional Rug Cleaner

Investing in a professional cleaning service will allow removal of dirt, odors and allergens while greatly extending the overall life of your rug.

Professionals have the special tools, equipment, and experience required to expertly clean a shag rug without causing damage.