Strategic Approach

Al Thuraya Security (ATS) is a proud member of Al Thuraya Holdings group of companies; a unique consolidation of companies under the Al Thuraya brand that allows our clients to rely on one single partner and project experience that spans the globe.

Al Thuraya Security's approach is an Integrated Security profile, which reflects our reputation as a responsive, agile and trusted solutions provider in austere environments. We bring a full suite of integrated programs to support our customers’ evolving security and protective needs.  From securing vital national security assets in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa, to personal protection for high profile individuals and corporate officials overseas, Al Thuraya Security designs and delivers discrete and proactive solutions to detect and deter a full spectrum of threats.   

Our integrated solutions include mobile and installation security, intelligence and atmospherics, comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments, local community engagement support, and technical security through advanced security technology recommendations, installation, delivery, operations and maintenance. 

Whatever the mission, we deliver successful results with diverse teams of professionals from around the world. With a range of services such as logistics, operations support services, security, advanced training; as well as technological solutions and consulting, we offer a full range of program and risk management solutions to help organizations conduct business safely and efficiently regardless of where your business takes you.  Al Thuraya Security, as a member of the Al Thuraya Holdings family, guarantees that your every move is supported by the expertise and experience of all nine companies, allowing you to maximize your potential in the present and into the future.


Over-watch around the world…

You, your staff, and their families, all deserve to live in a safe and secure environment regardless of the challenges posed by your location of operations.  You need the peace of mind that comes through the comfort and confidence that your safety and security is in the hands of trusted professionals. Our risk analysts assess unfolding security event, giving on-the-ground context and practical advice to you and your staff, backed up with detailed country risk reports.  We offer you solutions based on the most current context and foresight.

Our technology platform allows you to monitor your staff, pinpoint their exact location during a crisis and provide several channels for instant, coordinated two-way communication.

…and around the clock

Our 24/7 Global Operations Centre is manned by a highly skilled operations team who receive all inbound enquiries and SOS calls, and coordinate the responses to critical situations. In emergencies and critical incidents, our highly trained Senior Risk Advisors will intervene to address incidents like natural disasters, major accidents, terrorism incidents, criminal activities.

Crisis & Disaster Management

We will always work with you to prevent and mitigate all the risks associated with your facilities and operations.  We will also manage risks and incidents to ensure the best possible outcomes while minimizing your staff’s exposure to adverse conditions. However, in today’s challenging world, not all risks can be prevented or mitigated.  In those instances, our years of experience and thorough understanding of risk perception & management will allow us to handle crisis effectively and immediately aiming to safeguard your people and maintain your business continuity. In the unlikely event of an incident that can be categorized as a potential disaster, our coordinated efforts with the local authorities and our efficient planning will allow your organization to recover promptly and increase future business resilience. 

Technology -enabled, not technology -driven

Our information technology is designed from the ground up by our security specialists. We apply this technology to integrate accurate, local, up-to-the minute intelligence from across the globe while maintaining an over-watch of your staff and assets all while maintaining fully functional two-way communication. With a complete, easily accessible picture of the potential risks associated with any given location, you can plan where to take your business and we will ensure you make the best possible choice based on your needs and goals.  We can help you establish and maintain operations in any challenging or hostile environment, through highly skilled professionals, worldwide.