Al Thuraya Security is a global security services provider with 20 years of experience partnering with clients in a range of challenging and high risk environments. 

Al Thuraya Security is able to work beyond core service lines to meet the changing needs of our clients by drawing upon the wide range of skills available to us through our extensive global network of professionals. 

Our clients continually acknowledge the supporting role we play in their pursuit of objectives and tell us there are few challenges for which we cannot provide an effective solution.

Al Thuraya Security is a trusted partner of various government, non-government and commercial entities. Our approach of addressing client needs with tailored and flexible solutions, empowers them to meet and exceed operational and long term commercial objectives.

Mobile Security Services & Personal Security Details

The secure movement of high-ranking or high-priority persons and cargo can be a challenge in hostile regions, subsequently hindering clients’ focus on business objectives and mission accomplishment. Al Thuraya Security provides foreign border protection, personnel security, close protection details and convoy escort teams in the most hostile of environments. Security configurations are tailored based on your area of operation and specific needs. Al Thuraya Security integrates dedicated medical personnel and armored vehicles to guarantee safe client transport under even the most hazardous conditions.

Service offerings include:

  • Border protection
  • Low/no profile security operations
  • Special services support and training
  • High profile/high visibility personal security details
  • High risk personnel, asset, commodity transport
  • Full spectrum security training programs

Close Protection Services

Al Thuraya Security has provided close personal protection services for more than 15 years. Whether a standalone operator blended discreetly into a client’s work environment, or a larger high profile team integrated into a multi-services security solution, all Al Thuraya Security close protection officers are supported by ICESERVE24TM Intelligence services and our global crisis management team. 

Our client portfolio ranges from diplomats and senior government officials through to high-profile personalities and business persons. 

Our close personal protection officers are chosen for their experience, professionalism, integrity and sensitivity. Currency of skills and professional mastery demand that our operators train to, and maintain, very high standards.

All of these attributes correlate on the ground into clients' peace of mind and confidence so that they can achieve their own outcomes, or their loved ones can live their lives with a greater sense of normality.

Embedded Security Services

Al Thuraya Security embedded security managers are supported by our full suite of services and over 15 years' experience, providing a credible and efficient solution for a variety of security roles.

The critical support elements for an effective security manager are costly to develop and maintain. Our embedded security managers offer a low cost/high quality solution that ensures our clients meet their obligations within their total business risk management.

Our embedded security managers have access to an extensive range of tools and services, such as:

  • Ground proven daily intelligence for challenging and high-risk environments
  • Al Thuraya Security global network of risk management and crisis management professionals
  • Sophisticated passive and active tracking solutions for personnel, fleet and equipment
  • Access to Al Thuraya Security full suite of services including Intel experts, aviation solutions, advisory services and travel management

Static Security Services

Al Thuraya Security static security capabilities include armed guard perimeter security, roving patrols, entry control point security, over-watch, and manning security operation centers. Al Thuraya Security highly-experienced static security component provides a continuous, high level of capability to detect and assess hostile situations, while providing command and control to security forces.

Service offerings include:

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Armed/unarmed security (commercial and government)
  • Facility force protection
  • Static security training programs

Security Consulting Services

Using a tested and proven approach to corporate security risks, our consulting services have helped our clients to address facility and organizational risk. This is done using our affiliated company Al Thuraya ConsultancyTM. Using the experience that Al Thuraya ConsultancyTM has gained in hostile, complex and emerging markets, we advise on dynamic and emerging security challenges. We ensure compliance with regulatory standards, support clients so they can operate effectively and safely to help clients across all sectors protect their people, assets and reputation. 

Our Security Managers are supported from our local offices as well as our regional offices in Slovakia,  Cyprus and Mexico City and are backed by our international best practices, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) available 24/7 in real time, our affiliated companies with the Al Thuraya Holding portfolio. 

Our Consulting Services bring together the following services to support clients around the world:

  • Embedded Security Managers (senior security professionals deployed into management positions in client organizations and projects)
  • Assessments (audits, project risk analysis, market entry strategy)
  • Training (HEAT, driver, medical, guard force)
  • Information Services (tailored risk advice/reports and global risk monitoring)
  • Special projects (medium term one-off deployments such as evacuations)