Our Values & Experts

Al Thuraya Security's core values of service, agility, integrity and drive provide the foundation of our business strategy and culture. Our culture begins with our senior leadership and is strengthened at every level of operations across all the regions in which we operate. Our devoted ethics program, which focuses on compliance, transparency, integrity and human rights, brings value to every business relationship. We understand that our highly trained professionals and our audit compliant business systems play a direct role in eliminating factors which put your project at risk. And as your trusted advisor, Al Thuraya Security, will always choose what is right over what is easy.

To ensure that we maintain strict compliance with the extensive regulations and laws governing Al Thuraya Security and its affiliated companies in countries all around the world, our company:

  • Enlists outside expert counsel to monitor and review the  processes and procedures of the company ethics program to    ensure we meet the highest standards of current industry    practice and client expectations.
  • Has established an Ethics Committee, within the company’s independent Board of Directors, to provide oversight and    direction to our company’s ethics program.
  • Conducts thorough reviews and vetting of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure compliance with all relevant government   regulations.
  • Requires employees to participate in detailed and ongoing ethics and compliance training programs.
  • Administers audits and employee owner organizational climate surveys of the Company’s ethics program.

All employees of Al Thuraya Security have agreed to adhere to the Al Thuraya Holdings Global Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.
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For an outline of Al Thuraya Security grievance procedures.
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Our Experts

Our team of industry professionals and our rigorous recruitment methods ensure we bring in only the people who can operate to the highest standards. We provide them with strong, astute, committed leadership and a financially stable operating environment in which to develop their skills and aptitudes, in order to maximize their potential and further pursue their lifelong professional goals.
This has enabled us to build a solid, motivated team that is dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives:


have a myriad of dispersed information sources at their fingertips and are armed with the skills to distil and synthesize intelligence, and identify and analyze risk. Their in-depth business travel risk advisory reports protect your employees with the latest information and breaking news.


bring hands-on experience from the military, intelligence services and the police, knowing what must be done to secure the safety of your staff, even in adverse circumstances and challenging conditions.


bring their IT know-how and develop the tools and technologies on which Al Thuraya Security and our clients depend. Behind the scenes, they monitor the changing technology landscape for advancements that can further improve security and communications.

Account Managers

are experienced practitioners who manage the relationship with our clients. Your assigned Account Manager will become your trusted advisor on the services that will best protect your organization and will be your main point of contact with Al Thuraya Security