Anatolia, South and Central Asia

Al Thuraya Security offers integrated operations support to the world's commercial organizations in Anatolia, South and Central Asia. Our footprint in the region includes supporting commercial organizations with journey management, Over-Watch solutions, third party monitoring, security, training and capacity building. 

We provide scalable and discreet expeditionary solutions that maximize the effectiveness of a thoroughly vetted and trained local workforce. Our commitment to the region, our sensitivity to culture and our immense political awareness have been developed through our 11 years of excellent performance in Anatolia, South and Central Asia. Al Thuraya Security is ideally placed for you to draw on our extensive expertise, to offer support and culture-appropriate consulting, and effectively manage all security risks that threaten your business resilience and continuity. 


ATS is supporting clients in:

Pakistan  |  Philippines  |  Afghanistan  |  Malaysia  |  Hong Kong  |  Turkey  |