Our Advisory Team’s insights, tools and hands-on support enable clients to plan, execute and successfully manage projects in challenging and high risk environments.

We advise a broad range of private and public organizations for a wide variety of needs. Whether serving as a trusted advisor to senior management or providing hands-on coaching to front line personnel, our specialists employ their deep industry insight, proven methodologies and strategic skills which clients can use to achieve successful outcomes.

Risk Planning

In today’s dynamic environment, risk is both an opportunity and a threat to business success and continuity and as such must be strategically managed.

With an effective risk management plan in place, our clients can successfully navigate the risk landscape, avoid business interruption and mitigate the impact of risks inherent in their operations.

We assist organizations by providing:

  • Risk assessment and audits
  • Risk profile development (Risk Maturity)
  • Enterprise risk solutions
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Education and training
  • Policy and procedural development


Traveler Tracking & Monitoring Services

Our global traveler tracking tool allows businesses to monitor personnel and assets 24/7 and issue alerts if an incident arises. Real-time geo-safety solutions assist teams wherever they are in the world. Flight data can be loaded into our system to complement our on-the-ground vehicle-tracking software and show clients a real-time picture of where staff are. 

Our hotline is available 24/7 to assist team members facing unexpected difficulties during the course of their travel abroad. And we can geo-fence staff and send them targeted evacuation instructions via SMS/email.

​If you would like to learn more about traveler tracking services from ICESERVE24TM, contact us today.

Intelligence & Analysis

In collaboration with our sister company ICESERVE24TM ,our team provides time-critical intelligence and key analysis through a unique combination of technical knowledge and operational experience. It is this expertise that empowers our clients to determine the best course of action in difficult or challenging environments, as well as enables them to spot opportunities inherent in these challenges

As an international organization or business traveler, it is essential to stay informed of the threats and understand the potential impact.