The holidays are coming. Are you ready for the festivities? As you get prepared for holiday happenings, consider prepping your home if you’re hosting guests. This means paying close attention to details and making the home feel as welcoming as possible to make a great impression. 

Whether you’re limiting the number of people over for the holidays or hosting close friends and family, you’re definitely going to want to make sure your home is clean and germ-free. Not only will properly cleaning your home make you and your guests feel more comfortable, 但它也会让你的家看起来光洁、一尘不染. 

Clean Carpets 

If you have a big family, there may not be enough seating for everyone to sit around the Christmas tree. Kids naturally like to sit on the floor to play with their toys and will most likely sit on the floor to open their Christmas presents. 

To keep this area clean and free of bacteria, you’ll need more than just vacuuming. If you have a shampooer, this is a great way to freshen up your carpets and maintain cleaner carpets until your next professional cleaning. 

对于严重污染的地毯,我们建议咨询专业人士. This is because a high-temperature solution penetrates all the way through the carpet and is then virtually entirely removed by superior suction. 这意味着完成工作所需的时间更少, faster drying times, 还能清除地毯上洗发精残留的残留物.


Treat Odors

When we host Christmas gatherings, we want our guests to feel comfortable and settled. This is something that’s much easier to achieve when the carpet is looking clean and smelling fresh. You may vacuum regularly, but over time, carpets can absorb odors from dirt, spills and pet accidents. The smell of pet urine on Christmas Day just doesn’t quite live up to the expectations of fresh pies, baked cookies and mistletoe. 

To freshen up your carpets you’ll want to apply a generous amount of baking soda over the carpet and let it sit for 1-2 hours before vacuuming up. 

For deep odors such as pet urine we recommend to call-in a professional with the expertise, knowledge and products required to completely eliminate pet urine odors.

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Clean Tile & Grout

Knowing that you’ve reduced bacteria and germs with professional tile and grout cleaning can make you feel like a responsible host, 但是擦洗浆液是很耗时的. 你要为假期做的准备已经够多的了, 所以请一位专业人士来帮你完成这项任务. 

At Indy Carpet Cleaning, we use an effective technique for tile and grout cleaning that will make your tile look great and reduce bacteria.


Clean Upholstery

Removing stains, spots and build up of allergens will not only make you feel more comfortable in your own home, 但你的客人也会感到更受欢迎. You didn’t spend all that time decorating your beautiful home just to have a stained or worn-looking sofa take away from the festive ambiance.

As with carpet cleaning, shampooers with attachments are great at freshening up your upholstery fibers and removing surface stains. 

For a deeper cleaning, Indy Carpet Cleaning has the tools and equipment required to remove deeply set-in stains and bacteria, 让你的家具保持新鲜,对你和你的客人都很有吸引力.


Clean Rugs

当你为节日娱乐的时候, 很有可能会有东西洒在地毯上. 即使是看起来很干净的地毯也可能充满细菌, allergens, dander, odors, and pet urine. Since rugs made of natural fibers can be more delicate than most carpet fibers, we recommend cleaning solutions and techniques that can only come from a professional. 

Professional cleaning removes pre existing bacteria and can include protective finishes that repel spills and stains. This can help you enjoy your time with family and friends without worry about what may or may not get spilled. 


The Benefits Of Carpet Protection

Perhaps one of the most important things you should do to maintain your carpet is to use a carpet protectant. If you have ever wondered if carpet protectant actually works, the answer is yes. 地毯保护剂有助于防水和防止污染.  When used properly, adding carpet protectant to your carpets the next time you get them professionally cleaned provides some great benefits. 

Prevents Stains From Spills

The purpose of a carpet protectant is to provide short-term water resistance, 让你有更多的时间来清理溢出来的东西.  Once applied, these protectants adhere to the carpet fibers and help to repel spills and soiling. 基本上,它就像地毯上的隐形盾牌. It gives homeowners more time to clean up a spill before it causes a permanent stain.  

Extends The Life Of Carpet

Carpet protection also allows for dry spills to be picked up more easily through vacuuming. In turn, 这有助于消除地毯上的磨损, 地毯恶化的主要原因是什么. In addition, it provides long-term benefits as well because it helps to keep dirt from settling into your carpet. Carpet protectants certainly do not act as a cure-all, but they do assist in vacuuming up dry messes.

Enhances The Look Of Your Carpet

地毯每天都要面对大量的人流, it may not take long for the high traffic areas to show a dirty appearance. 地毯保护器不仅能去除地毯上的污渍, but it will also protect the look of your carpet and preserve its color by keeping soiling at the surface, allowing you to vacuum away much of the soiling that normally penetrates the carpets fibers.

Prevents Odors

Stains from carpet can have the entire room smelling bad and odors can be left behind even after you clean them. Carpet protection repels the odor causing stain from penetrating your carpets fibers which prevents the odor from going deeper, allowing easier removal of the odor.


地毯保护应每18-24个月对地毯进行一次. While the product does not necessarily quit working, it does tend to wear off over time. 交通流量大的地区需要更频繁地治疗, 而交通流量低的地区则不需要频繁的治疗. 

在家里铺地毯是一项昂贵的投资. Keep your carpet looking it’s best through routine and proper maintenance of professional carpet cleaning and carpet protection.


所有的墨水都是由一种液体制成的,这种液体要么是油,要么是水. In this liquid, there are different pigments, which gives the ink its color. 你看到的污渍是附着在地毯纤维上的颜料. 每种墨渍都需要不同的方法去除. Follow the steps below for tips on how to remove both oil based and water based inks from your carpets.

Remove Oil Based Ink

If you have natural-fiber carpet, follow these steps to remove oil based ink stains. 这种方法最适合圆珠笔. 

这是最令人惊讶的地毯墨水清洗技术之一, 特别是天然纤维地毯, is to use lacquer hair spray. 

  1. Purchase one or two cans depending on the extent of the stain and aim them directly at the ink stains. 发胶中的化学物质会软化墨水.
  2. You can then use a clean white towel or cloth to blot the lacquer away. It’s important to blot instead of scrub so you don’t wipe the ink further into the carpet fibers. 
  3. Continue to blot and spray until the ink stain disappears, and allow the area to dry. 
  4. Wrap up the process by hand-brushing the area with a toothbrush, then vacuuming. 

Remove Water Based Ink

If you have natural-fiber carpet, follow these steps to remove water based ink stains. 这种方法最适用于圆珠笔或可水洗的记号笔. 

圆珠笔和可洗马克笔会弄脏你的地毯, but these types of stains are much easier to remove since the inks are water based. 

  1. Start by mixing one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with a bowl of lukewarm water. 普通的洗碗皂通常对这个方法很有效. 
  2. Dab a clean towel into the mixture and blot the ink stain with the towel, being careful not to rub. 
  3. As you keep blotting, you’ll notice the stain start to disappear and transfer to the towel.

通过快速行动和使用正确的清洁方法, 你可以去除地毯上的大部分油墨. 无论你选择哪种清洁剂, be sure to color test a small inconspicuous area of your carpet to check for the colorfastness of the carpet. You don’t want to turn a small stain into a larger spot if the carpet reacts to the cleaner of choice. If you’re unsure of the material of your carpet or the type of ink stain on your carpet, it’s always best practice to bring in a professional to get the job done since expert carpet cleaners have access to quality stain-fighting products and methods that can remove even the toughest ink stains.

How To Maintain Clean Tile & Grout

The most popular flooring choice is tile because of its beauty and easy maintenance. 只有一个缺点,那就是灌浆. Since it is porous and often light- colored, it can be prone to stains and damage from water. Without proper maintenance, the grout can also become mildewed or cracked. Proper maintenance for your tile floors may sound like a tiresome chore, but it is really quite easy. 这里有一些步骤可以帮助你的地板看起来不错.

Vacuum and Dust

Use a vacuum or a fluffy dust mop daily to remove dust and dirt before it becomes embedded in your tile and grout. 这是维护地板最简单、最快的方法. Never use a straw broom for the job, though, because it will scratch your tiles.

Mop it Up

每周用温水拖地一次. You can also use a mild soap to enhance your tile’s color, shine and gloss. Make sure to check with the manufacturer before using any cleansers to avoid damaging your tiles.

Don’t forget to dry your floor right after damp mopping to avoid accidents, 以及防止新的污垢沉降到潮湿的地区.

Clean up Spills ASAP

Use absorbent cloths to wipe up spills to avoid dirt collection and slipping. 另外,它还能减少瓷砖上的污渍.

使用清洁剂或消毒剂来清洁更脏的溢出物. Raw meat and egg spills require a more aggressive cleaning to prevent bacteria from setting into your tiles. Since the chemicals may dull the tiles, it might be a good idea to mop the area with water.

Use Doormats

Place doormats on both sides of the doors that lead in and out of your home. This will eliminate mud or water from getting tracked indoors during inclement weather. If you have floor tile in your bathroom, use a bath mat to keep your tiles dry.

Add Some Area Rugs

在人流密集的地方放置地毯或跑步机. This can prevent dulling, scratches and dirt build-up that will occur in areas such as the entryway or family room.

Clean the tiles

经常使用深层清洁溶液. This will help remove stains and greasy residue without damaging your tiles. 将半杯白醋和一加仑温水混合. 这种自然的方法对厨房特别有用. 

Fresh water and dish detergent will help remove hard grease from your flooring. A half-and-half scouring power and warm water solution will remove stains.

Clean the Grout

Don’t forget to clean your grout. 你不需要为了这个工作去买特殊的清洁剂. 用小苏打和水简单地搅拌成糊状. 把浆糊抹在浆液上,静置一夜, 然后用旧牙刷刷洗浆液. 清洗完毕后,用温水将膏体冲洗掉.

If you follow these steps regularly, your tile floors will hold up very well over the years. For a professional deep cleaning, call in the experts at Indy Carpet Cleaning!

How To Maintain A Clean & Fluffy Shag Rug

There is no denying that shag carpets add luxury and elegance to any room. However, there is one thing most people forget to mention – These soft and fluffy shag rugs can be a pain to keep clean without proper maintenance! 

The high pile in these rugs makes it significantly harder to clean than it is to clean regular area rugs. 污垢和灰尘往往会深入纤维之间的缝隙, making it nearly impossible to reach them with a simple dusting cloth or a brush. You need to know how to keep them looking fluffy and how to maintain them to keep them clean for a longer time. Let us guide you on this.

STEP 1- Shake The Rug Out


Take the rug outside and shake it around to remove the vast majority of dirt and debris. 把粗毛地毯挂在晾衣绳上可以去除异味.

STEP 2- Vacuum The Rug

Sometimes the old-fashioned method of shaking out a rug doesn’t remove all of the debris. 或者你的长毛地毯太大了,你自己抖不出来.

如果你想吸尘的话, it’s essential that you use one of the brush attachments rather than the actual vacuum itself since many vacuums have motorized rollers on the underside and a shag rug can easily become entangled in this roller. 另一方面,刷子附件不包含这些滚筒. 相反,它只是通过吸力吸收碎片.


Investing in a professional cleaning service will allow removal of dirt, odors and allergens while greatly extending the overall life of your rug.

Professionals have the special tools, equipment, and experience required to expertly clean a shag rug without causing damage.